• Alyssa Henrion

Trash the Gown

Senior sessions are one of my favorite things to photograph. I love being able to highlight each person's personality and really be as creative as they will let me be. Many times, I include a cap and gown session in my senior packages. Usually, they are very formal and done just for mom and dad, but when I have a family that demands we get messy..... LET THE FUN BEGIN!!

Carley spent the majority of her school days in the JROTC. She joined the United States army only a few months before her high school graduation. As anyone with a family or friend in the military knows, they have mandatory training the first weekend of every month. Of course, as luck would have it, training was the same weekend as graduation. Although training was normally mandatory they were going to give Carley a pass so that she could walk with her graduating class. She chose however to serve her country.

Because of this, the family now had a cap and gown that would not be used, but what to do with it?

Carley and her mom contacted me with the idea of a family paint war! Her cap and gown were white so it would make the perfect blank canvas. We chose bright and vibrant paint to highlight her bright and vibrant personality and together with her family, she celebrated the end of high school and trashed that gown! During her senior portrait session we tried to highlight her love for reading and her dog. Carley is a very talented singer and guitar player so we also tried to bring that into her session as well. She is also a country girl through and through, living in rural Dyer County Tennessee farming had been a part of her family's life for a long time. On her property was her grandfather's old tractor. He was very musical as well and so we tried to bring the two together in an image or two. We had an absolute blast during both her senior portrait session and her cap and gown session!

PS- Check out dad squirting paint on himself in the last photo!

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