• Alyssa Henrion

Happy Halloween from ACH Photography!

Its Halloween!! One of my absolute favorite of all holidays! This year I decided to do something a little different and put together a styled session with some of my senior model team. We went to a fantastic location and my models all dug into their creative side and did their own costumes, hair, and makeup.

The days leading up to this shoot were stressful. The weather in West Tennessee in the fall is super unpredictable and the rain chances for that day were ever changing. The day of the shoot was a wet one. It was a constant hard sprinkle and the entire property was muddy. We made it work though with the use of umbrellas, boots, and team work.

We arrived at the 13th Realm just as a band of heavier rain was hitting. Mrs Brandy, the owner of the 13th Realm showed me around the property. This is a HUGE place and was super creepy even during the day. Let me tell you, if you are looking for a good Halloween scare, I highly recommend visiting this place at night! We waited out the rain and when it finally slowed down we began our shoot. Everyone was wonderful and held umbrellas for me to keep the camera dry and for each other to keep them dry when it was their turn in front of the camera.

It was cold, wet, and muddy but it was SO worth it. Enjoy these photos from our styled Halloween shoot and as always feel free to share!

Happy Haunting!


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