ACH Photography & Events


My name is Alyssa Henrion and I am the owner of ACH Photography & Events. First and foremost I am a believer in the almighty God. If it weren't for His many blessings I would not be where I am today. I am a wife and mother of three wonderful children. My family is my world and the backbone of my business. 

mom and kids
husband and wife
mom and kids in rain

Cute right? Well, what you can't tell from those pictures is this. Two hours after the first image was taken my daughter fell, busted her face, and had to go to the emergency a different state. A few minutes after the second images was taken I was stabbed in the eye with a stick by my husband during a random stick sword fight. Finally, we are soaked from head to toe sitting under the "batman building" in Nashville in the last picture. Why? Well, because we were told all of downtown was cool for kids.....wrong! It also rained THE ENTIRE DAY! So we just hung out, played in the rain, and made the best of it. We certainly aren't perfect, and in all honesty some would probably call us dysfunctional, but I wouldn't have it any other way.


Life wasn't always happy for me though. As a teen and very young adult I suffered with depression and anxiety. I self harmed and lived a very destructive lifestyle. It was during this time that I learned photography could be healing for me. Depression can make you believe some pretty terrible things, photography saved my life because it helped me freeze the good days. It helped me prove those terrible thoughts wrong and push through day after day.


I am a firm believe that God had a plan for me all along. I never dreamed my life would be the way it is, never imagined I would be blessed with such an amazing husband and three wonderful kids, and I NEVER thought I would run my own business. Looking back on it now, it all makes sense. Every single step I took, everything that happened, it all led me to where I am today.


In 2012 I decided to use my God given talents and start my own photography business. I wanted to contribute financially to my family but also still have the ability to be there for them whenever they needed me. So, ACH Photography was born. Two years into running my own business and I was able to begin homeschooling two of my three children.


This year, 6 years after opening my business, not only am I a senior photographer, an all inclusive wedding photographer, and an event planner but I have also started teaching photography to middle and high school aged homeschool students. I love each and every minute of it. I wanted to start teaching because I wanted to give this generation a new view on life. In a world where there is so much ugliness, I wanted them to be able to see the beauty in the mundane, the beauty hiding behind all the bad, and the beauty in what others overlook.  In a world where kids are bullied for the color of their skin, the brand of their clothes, or the amount of money in their wallets, I wanted to teach them to look beyond what they see on the surface. To see how special, even amazing, someone or something can be if you just take a few minutes to look a little deeper. 

Family at the beach

So now you know my why....but who am I? What am I all about? Well, I am a lover of nearly all music, a dreamer of all things travel, a coffee snob of sorts, and a lover of the ocean. I am silly but can also be shy. I am confident but also a bit unsure. I am a pj wearing, Harry Potter marathon watching, sweet tea drinking southern momma who just wants to leave this world a little better than it was when she came into it. 

I am so glad you are here. I can not wait to work with you! Together we will create something truly amazing!